MGSS Quick Detach (Flush Cup) Sling Adaptor for Magpul PRS Butt Stock


  • $7295

Machined steel adaptor lets you use a push button quick-detach sling on your Magpul PRS buttstock. Replaces the stock’s factory sling loop to provide a secure mounting point for the pushbutton swivel. Allows you to use any tactical sling that requires a “flush cup” mounting socket. Built-in rotation limiter prevents unwanted sling twisting for optimized weapon balance. Can be mounted on any of the stock’s four sling loop attachment points using the factory loop’s hex-head mounting screws and is ambidextrous. Fully machined, hardened steel is protected with an anti-corrosion matte black finish.

Note: This will only fit the Gen 1 and Gen 2 PRS buttstocks, it will not fit the Gen 3.

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