Vortex Laser Range Finder Monocular Impact 850 LRF-100


  • $35995

Simply put, with the high-performing Impact® 850 and its economical price tag, you don't have an excuse to head afield without a laser rangefinder. Accurately ranges reflective targets to 850 yards, providing critical distance readings hunters and shooters can rely on. Range targets down to 10 yards when things get up close and personal. 

6X magnification brings subjects in for a closer look and more accurate ranging. Fully multi-coated optics enhance light transmission for optimal performance in low-light settings. Provides angle-compensated HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) and LOS (Line of Sight) readings to match user preference. Can be set to read in yards or meters. The black LCD display boldly stands off against subjects during the moment of truth – and a fast readout ensures you get the range in time to capitalize on the opportunity. 

Runs on a single, long-lasting, easy-to-find, CR2 battery.


  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses Anti-reflective lens coatings on every lens surface allows for brighter views. 


  • Waterproof O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside for withstanding harsh weather conditions. 
  • Rugged Design Built to handle tough situations. Compact and lightweight. 
  • Diopter Adjusts for precise focus. 


  • Intuitive Display Easy-to-use menu with a simple, clean display. Choice of yards or meters. 
  • HCD Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) mode for angle compensated ranging. 
  • LOS Line of Sight (LOS) mode displays actual line of sight range. 
  • Scan This feature displays continual distance readings when panning across a landscape or tracking a moving animal. 
  • Ranging Format Range in yards or meters.


  • Range Reflective 9 to 777 meters / 10 to 850 yards 
  • Range Deer 9 to 366 meters / 10 to 400 yards 
  • Accuracy + / - 1 yards @ 100 yards 
  • Max Angle Reading +/- 60 degrees (INC 50) 
  • Magnification 6 x 
  • Objective Lens Diameter 20 mm 
  • Eye Relief 15 mm 
  • Length 9.5 cm / 3.77 inches 
  • Width 7.4 cm / 2.95 inches 
  • Weight 155 grams / 5.5 ounces

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  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Fully transferable 
  • No warranty card to fill out 
  • No receipt needed to hang on to 

If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you.
The VIP warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product.

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