ATP Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rest - Type 2

Australian Tactical Precision ATP

  • $4995

This listing is for the Type 2 cheek rest. Please see our other listings to purchase the Type 1 or Type 3.

This cheek rest ensures a solid cheek weld with any size rings/bases/scope combination. A solid cheek weld is essential for maintaining a consistent firing position which aides accuracy.

Australian designed and manufactured, Precision machine cut to exact specifications (CNC) unlike other cheek rests

Universal size, fits rifles/shotguns with buttstocks 34mm to 43mm wide. The cheek rest can easily be reformed at home to fit wider or thinner stocks but will need longer bolts for stocks thicker than 43mm (longer bolts available upon request).

PLEASE MEASURE YOUR STOCK WIDTH BEFORE ORDERING. Will NOT fit Bell & Carlson Medalist Tactical, HS Precision and other wide buttstocks as these are thicker than 43mm (however it can be easily reformed at home in boiling water to fit). 

  • Plenty of adjustment range, 1.5 inches (38mm) 
  • Made of genuine Kydex (3.1mm thick)
  • High quality mounting hardware - Blued stainless steel bolts with polymer knobs for in the field height adjustment - no tools required (long bolts allow fitting to buttstocks up to 43mm wide)
  • Requires 2 holes to be drilled in stock, 5 minute install with a drill
  • Can be fitted to wood, polymer and composite stocks
  • Paintable
  • Colour is BLACK, the camera flash makes it appear lighter in the photos.

NOTE: The Type 1 cheekrest has horizontal bottom edge, the Type 2 design has a sloped bottom edge. The Type 3 design is a lightweight version of the Type 1 but is 2cm shorter in length and has a large cutout. 

All cheekrests have the same spacing and slot design so are 100% interchangeable

The Type 3 cheekrest is 33g lighter than the Type 2 version and 27g lighter than the Type 1 version.

Dealer enquiries also welcome.

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